Why use us

We can assist with any type of brand challenge.  From specific issues with brand positioning, communications or future direction to situations where a total strategic brand management or development solution is required.

Here are a few benefits of working with us.

  • Customised approach:  We tailor our approach to fit your particular brand challenge.  Choosing the best techniques for the job rather than applying a standard process.  (See How we do it  and What we offer).
  • 360 degree perspective:  We explore all aspects of what a brand can say and do without preconception or bias towards particular marketing activities.  This gets multiple options on the table simultaneously to assess up front the best directions for brand activation and help the development of truly integrated brand building programs.
  • Results orientation:  We never lose sight that the ultimate objective is to positively impact the bottom-line.  Our outputs always look to address real business and market issues.  While as importantly having the clarity and inspiration needed to support development of creative ideas.
  • Big brand thinking:  Our experience is built on working with market leading brands.  We couple this with leading edge knowledge to challenge and drive your brand and marketing thinking.
  • Time effectiveness:  Without a structured approach brand issues can take many months to, for some, years to resolve.  Whatever the issues are, we’ll get you to a solution quicker.
  • Align and inspire your team:  We design, plan and facilitate workshops that really work. Our aim at the end of any project is to have a client team fully committed to actioning its outcomes.

When to use us

Here are some common situations when an organisation may need our services.

The need The problem
“We need to refresh our brand and better communicate what we stand for” The brand is a ‘fading star’ – losing consumer relevance with
declining equity and a deteriorating competitive position.
“We need a new competitive position to get to the next level and drive growth” The brand has been performing well but lacks significant future
growth prospects.
“We need to create a better way to organise the brand’s product ranges and offers, and a systematic way of making decisions” The brand’s product portfolio has expanded to a
point where there is consumer confusion about the relationship of product ranges to each other and to the master brand.
“We need to understand and define what really communicates what the brand is about” The brand’s identity or branding has become inconsistent,
ineffective and/or disconnected from its original concept.
“We need to find new and interesting ways of operationalising
the brand and bringing it to life across key touchpoints”
The brand’s positioning and market position is solid. But
its marketing execution has become stagnant and potentially vulnerable to new, more innovative, competitors.
“We need to get leaders on the same page and agree on
what the brand should represent to reach new customers and capture new markets”
The brand has been successful with growth plans in
place. But there is uncertainty over what it stands for and what the right story is to tell for its for its next stage of development.