How we do it

Collaborative & Customised Approach

Our consulting approach is built on working in close collaboration with client brand leaders – typically heads of marketing and/or CEOs looking for significant improvements in brand performance – and their senior teams.

Because every brand situation is unique in some way, we don’t employ a rigid, ‘one fits all’ process.

Instead the foundation for meeting each brand challenge is the development of a customised approach.  This involves mapping the journey the team needs to undertake, selecting the brand development tools and concepts needed, and workshop planning.

Workshops that inspire & drive change

Workshops are central to our work.  We facilitate structured workshops involving stakeholders with varying knowledge and points of view to generate alternate – and at times radical – ideas and directions.

Across these we apply principles of strategic intuition, challenger and design thinking to help stimulate breakthrough perspectives.

We don’t work like typical consultants in that we don’t write lengthy reports (though we do provide written strategic recommendations).   Our constant focus is to get the team to deliver the required brand change agenda.  To inspire, challenge, invigorate thinking and ideas, drive deadlines, and build alignment.