What we do

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Brand Truth is a Melbourne-based specialist brand strategy consultancy.

We partner with companies to help them get the most from their brands.

Our consulting services aim to develop in-depth brand understanding, ideas and initiatives that step change marketing performance and deliver brand-led business growth and strength.

These services fall into two broad areas.

One is the definition of the overall ‘story’ a brand should tell to connect it with its customers and all those who contribute to it.  This is about articulating in detail what a brand should stand for – an inspiring vision, a compelling positioning or promise, its key points of difference and points of view, its distinctive character, and so on.

The other is assisting clients to optimise their desired brand directions.  This combines strategic and lateral thinking to guide the development of ‘on brand’ communications and/or to generate innovative and integrated brand-based marketing and business initiatives.

Our experience spans FMCG, retail, fashion, tourism, destination and place branding, and international brand management.

What we don’t do

We look at the possibilities for a brand from every perspective.  So we don’t offer things that may narrow our thinking or recommendations.  Or that may pre-determine or bias the approach we develop to tackle each client’s unique brand challenge.

As such, in line with the principle that “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail”, we don’t do consumer research, we don’t design logos, visual identities or packaging, and we don’t create advertising.

Instead, if the particular needs of a project determine that these services are required, we will collaborate with research agencies, designers, and advertising, digital and public relations agencies; providing strategic guidance and value added inputs to ensure the work they do is strongly aligned to each client’s specific brand requirements.

Typically these will be a client’s nominated agencies.  Alternately, on request, we can recommend or help screen agencies to meet the exact parameters of the consumer issues, category problems and/or brand tasks identified.

What we believe

Every brand has a ‘truth’ to be discovered or developed.  An ‘essence’, ‘mantra’ or ‘DNA’ that is central to its story.

Strong brands understand what their truths are and use them to guide key management decisions.

Our ambition is to enable this ‘truth’ in all aspects of how a brand is managed and through every point of contact it has with its customers; rather than just being expressed through a few marketing communications components as is typically the case.

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