Commbank’s “Can” brand authenticity helps make it #1 in customer satisfaction?

According to Roy Morgan’s February 2013 Consumer Banking in Australia Customer Satisfaction Report,  the Commonwealth Bank – for the first time since April 2000 – attained the highest customer satisfaction rating of the big four banks.  This achievement adds further support to the case made previously on this blog that the authenticity of its “Can” brand positioning makes Commbank the ‘one to watch’ moving forward.

Roy Morgan Research Consumer Banking Satisfaction Report, January 2013

The report notes that over the past 12 months Commbank has seen the biggest improvement in satisfaction with a +2.4% increase.  The same period that saw the launch of its “Can” positioning.

My last post on this topic – Do brand promises really influence customer satisfaction? The case of the big four banks – recapped the argument that brand authenticity is a key driver of customer satisfaction and (as an example of this) that the authenticity of the “Can” positioning would assist Commbank in improving its customer satisfaction.  Its attainment of the #1 customer satisfaction rating provides further ‘evidence’ of this.

For those interested in the broader topic, the post Why brand authenticity is critical for customer satisfaction sets out the case that if what a brand has and does clearly supports and lives up to its brand promise, then its customers are more likely to be satisfied.

Image Credit: WarmSleepy

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